Deta deployment

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Detaopen in new window is a free Serverless platform, we can deploy Waline to Deta platform easily.

How to Deploy

Deploy with Detaopen in new window
Deploy with Deta

Click this button and it'll redirect to deta platform to quickly deploy. You need select your deploy project and environment variables after login.


When everything is ok, just click Deploy button. It'll deploy successful after a moment. Then deta will show you deploy site url. Copy the site url and input it into client serverURL configuration. Then you can enjoy waline!


How to Update

Deta uses CLI command line tools to manage projects. Follow the documentationopen in new window guide to install Deta's command line tools.

# Mac or Linux
curl -fsSL | sh

# Windows for powershell
iwr -useb | iex

After installation, we use deta login to log in to the command line, during which a browser will be opened for login.

We need to clone the project before updating. Enter the setting page of our project, copy and execute the deta clone command on the page, and the project will be downloaded after a while.


After that, we can modify the project code locally, for example, modify the dependency version in package.json to the latest.

Finally, we can use the deta deploy command in the command line to implement the update deployment of the website.

How to modify environment variables

Modifying environment variable also requires the CLI to operate.

After clone the project to the local according to the steps before said. Then add a .env file to the project, and write the environment variables that need to be modified in the file line by line in the form of VAR_NAME=VALUE. Finally, use deta update -e .env to complete the environment variable update.

For details, please refer to Deta Environment Variables Documentationopen in new window.

TIPS: The comment area is only for demo. If you have any questions, please go to Github Discussion to ask.
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