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Development Guide

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We welcome everyone to open Pull Requests for waline! 🎉

If you want to contribute to waline, here is a guide.


  1. Use Git to clone the project

    git clone
  2. Installation dependencies


    Install and use pnpm to install dependencies.

    npm i -g pnpm@latest
    cd waline
    pnpm i


  • Run pnpm client:dev to start @waline/client devServer


    Since waline is based on Client/Server architecture, when debugging a client, you need to set SERVERURL, or start server devServer below at the same time and use the default localhost:9090.

  • Run pnpm server:dev to start @waline/server devServer


    In order to run @waline/server locally, you need to configure some local environment variables to example/.env.

    We provide an example for you in example/.env.example.

TIPS: The comment area is only for demo. If you have any questions, please go to Github Discussion to ask.
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