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Migration to @waline/client V2

About 1 min...

API changes

We removed Waline's default export and instead provide the following exports:

  • init: behave like the old Waline
  • version: version number
  • commentCount: number of updated comments
  • pageviewCount: update the number of visits
  • RecentComments: recent comments

We changed Waline's default export to init named export, and to make Waline SSR friendly, V2 exports CSS separately.

In most cases, this just means the following changes:

- <script src='//'></script>
+ <script src='//'></script>
+ <link href='//' rel='stylesheet' />

-  Waline({
+  Waline.init({
    el: '#waline',
    serverURL: 'YOUR SERVER URL'

Options Added

  • The comment option supports setting strings as CSS selectors.
  • The pageview option supports setting strings as CSS selectors.

Options Renamed

  • uploadImage renamed to imageUploader

  • highlight renamed to highlighter

  • previewMath renamed to texRenderer

  • visitor renamed to pageview

Options Removed

The following options have long been marked as deprecated APIs in V1, they have been removed in V2.

  • langMode: use locales
  • placeholder: use locales.placeholder
  • emojiCDN: use emoji
  • emojiMaps: use emoji
  • requiredFields: use requiredMeta
  • avatar: use server variable AVATAR_PROXY
  • avatarCDN: use server variable AVATAR_PROXY
  • avatarForce: refresh by default
  • anonymous: use login
  • mathTagSupport: use texRenderer
  • copyRight: use copyright

Other changes


Waline.init now throws an error when the two required properties el, serverURL are invalid, instead of returning an error instance with reason.

You can use try { ... } catch (err) { ... } blocks to catch errors for better compatibility in case that user sets invalid options.

Update behavior changes

  • Waline now supports updating all options except the el option via Instance.update.
  • path parameter will reset on update(), which means as long as you don't pass path options during update(), it will be window.location.pathname.

Comments and Pageview Selector Changes

Comments and views on Valine's selector compatibility have now been removed.

  • The comment selector defaults to '.waline-comment-count'
  • The pageview selector defaults to '.waline-pageview-count'

If you need to get a different value for a selector than the current page, it is strongly recommended to use the data-path attribute.

For compatibility, we still keep the previous id attribute support, but this compatibility will be removed in V3.

CSS class changes

All CSS classes changed from v to wl-.

TIPS: The comment area is only for demo. If you have any questions, please go to Github Discussion to ask.
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