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Pageview Counter

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Waline supports pageview counting.

Using with comment

Waline supIf you are using Waline's commenting service, you can enable pageview statistics by setting the pageview option to true during initialization:

  el: '#waline',
  // ...
  pageview: true, // pageview statistics

Waline will automatically find the elements with the class value of waline-pageview-count in the page, and get their data-path as the query condition. And fill it with the obtained value:

If you need a different selector, you can set the pageview option to this selector.

<!-- data-path will be the query condition -->
Pageviews: <span class="waline-pageview-count" data-path="<Your/Path/Name>"></i>

Every time you call WalineInstance.update(), Waline will re-search the page content and automatically update the pageviews.


The current page has been viewed
<span class="waline-pageview-count" data-path="/en/guide/client/count.html" />

The current page has been viewed times.

Use Alone

If you only need to use the pageview statistics function, you can import the pageview module provided by Waline, its Gzip size is < 1KB.

    Current page views:
    <span class="waline-pageview-count" />
    Page Views:
    <span class="waline-pageview-count" data-path="/" />
<script type="module">
  import { pageviewCount } from '';

    serverURL: '<YOUR_SERVER_URL>',
    path: window.location.pathname,

    // optional, for custom selectors, defaults to `'.waline-pageview-count'`
    // selector: 'waline-pageview-count',

    // optional, whether to increase the number of visits when fetching, the default is `true`
    // update: true,
  • Current pageviews:

  • Homepage Pageviews:


Since pageview fetching is an asynchronous network operation, you may need to cancel an ongoing pageview update operation under certain circumstances.

pageviewCount returns a function that can be called to cancel the update:

const abort = Waline.pageviewCount({
  serverURL: '<YOUR_SERVER_URL>',
  path: window.location.pathname,

// After 500ms, if the network request has not been completed, cancel this operation
setTimeout(() => abort(), 500);
TIPS: The comment area is only for demo. If you have any questions, please go to Github Discussion to ask.
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