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Server introduction

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Besides deploying on Vercel for free, you can deploy via docker or directly on a self-hosted environment, or to other common cloud platforms. See details

Multiple Database Support

Besides LeanClou which is used by default, Waline also supports a variety of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and MongoDB.

You only need to configure the environment variables of the corresponding database, and Waline will automatically switch to the corresponding data storage service according to the environment variables you configure.

See multi-database support for details.


Most configurations on the server side can be configured through environment variables, and you can also configure some advanced options in the main entry file.

For configuration details, see Server Reference → Environment Variables and [Server Reference → Configuration](../../reference/server/

Comment notification

We support multiple ways to notify users or bloggers when users comment, see Comment Notifications for details.

Social Login

We support social account login, currently supports GitHub, Twitter, Facebook.


We plan to add more social application support in future versions, so stay tuned.

TIPS: The comment area is only for demo. If you have any questions, please go to Github Discussion to ask.
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