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Customize Emoticons Search

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This tutorial guides you on how to customize the emoji search service via the search option provided by @waline/client.

search result conversion

You may get different results when using different third-party image search services. After getting the search result, you need to convert it to the format required by @waline/client.

For any of the following operations, @waline/client requires you to return an array of image information in the following format:

interface WalineSearchImageData extends Record<string, unknown> {
   * Image link
  src: string;

   * Image title
   * @description Used for alt attribute of image
  title?: string;

   * Image preview link
   * @description For better loading performance, we will use this thumbnail first in the list
   * @default src
  preview?: string;

type WalineSearchResult = WalineSearchImageData[];

You need to ensure that each object of the array contains at least the src attribute to indicate the address of the image.

Also, where possible, you should provide an alt text title to help with accessibility and in case of image service failures.

In order to make the list load faster, as long as the image service can return multiple sizes of image URLs, you should choose a small size image as preview to improve the loading speed of the list image.


@waline/client doesn't care if there are extra properties in the image result, so you don't need to deliberately remove other keys from the returned result.

Search Option

@waline/client provides three sub-options to control search behavior:

interface WalineSearchOptions {
   * Search action
  search: (word: string) => Promise<WalineSearchResult>;

   * Default result when opening list
   * @default () => search('')
  default?: () => Promise<WalineSearchResult>;

   * Fetch more action
   * @description It will be triggered when the list scrolls to the bottom. If your search service supports paging, you should set this to achieve infinite scrolling
   * @default (word) => search(word)
  more?: (word: string, currentCount: number) => Promise<WalineSearchResult>;

Since you need to implement at least the search logic, search is required. @waline/client will pass in the user search term and call this option function, and wait for this function to return a Promise to complete the search result.

We want users to see some hot images or emoji results when they open it, so we provide the default function to implement this behavior. If your service provider provides an interface for popular pictures or emoticons, you should use this interface to return content. Also, since the default behavior of this function is to search for empty strings, if your search provider returns empty results in this situation, we recommend that you add a brief implementation of random preset words to avoid showing an empty list.

const search = (word) => {
  // ...
  // returning result

  el: '#waline',
  // ...
  search: {
    default: () =>
        // random between 3 words
        ['laugh', 'cry', 'smile'][(Math.random() * 3) | 0],

Usually, your search service will support pagination, so we provide a more function to trigger when the user swipes to the bottom and load more images to let you return more results. For a better experience, we recommend setting the number of pagination to 20 - 40, that is, 20 - 40 images are loaded each time.

An example to help understand

When the user clicks the search button, we will trigger default(), if this function is missing, we will trigger search(''), and we will wait for the Promise to execute and render with the returned result.

When the user searches for smile, we execute search('smile'). Suppose you return 20 results each time, when the user continues to scroll down, we will trigger more('smile', 20), more('smile', 40), more('smile', 60 ) ...


Default implementation
      return reject(new Error('File too large! File size limit 128KB'));

    const reader = new FileReader();

    reader.onload = (): void => resolve(reader.result?.toString() || '');
    reader.onerror = reject;

export const defaultTeXRenderer = (blockMode: boolean): string =>
  blockMode === true
    ? '<p class="wl-tex">TeX is not available in preview</p>'
    : '<span class="wl-tex">TeX is not available in preview</span>';

export const getDefaultSearchOptions = (lang: string): WalineSearchOptions => {
  interface GifResult {
    data: IGif[];
    meta: {
      msg: string;
      // eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/naming-convention
      response_id: string;
      status: number;
    pagination: {
      count: number;
      // eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/naming-convention
      total_count: number;
      offset: number;

  const fetchGiphy = async (
    url: string,
    params: Record<string, string> = {},
  ): Promise<WalineSearchResult> =>
      `${url}?${new URLSearchParams({
        limit: '20',
        rating: 'g',
        // eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/naming-convention
        api_key: '6CIMLkNMMOhRcXPoMCPkFy4Ybk2XUiMp',
      .then((resp) => <Promise<GifResult>>resp.json())
      .then(({ data }) =>
Tenor V1
interface FetchGifRequest {
  keyword: string;
  pos?: string;

type GifFormat =
  | 'gif'
  | 'mediumgif'
  | 'tinygif'
  | 'nanogif'
  | 'mp4'
  | 'loopedmp4'
  | 'tinymp4'
  | 'nanomp4'
  | 'webm'
  | 'tinywebm'
  | 'nanowebm';

interface MediaObject {
  preview: string;
  url: string;
  dims: number[];
  size: number;

interface GifObject {
  created: number;
  hasaudio: boolean;
  id: string;
  media: Record<GifFormat, MediaObject>[];
  tags: string[];
  title: string;
  itemurl: string;
  hascaption: boolean;
  url: string;

interface FetchGifResponse {
  next: string;
  results: GifObject[];

export const getTenorV1SearchOptions = (
  key = 'PAY5JLFIH6V6',
): WalineSearchOptions => {
  const state = { next: '' };

  const fetchGif = ({
  }: FetchGifRequest): Promise<FetchGifResponse> => {
    const baseUrl = ``;
    const query = new URLSearchParams('media_filter=minimal');

    query.set('key', key);
    query.set('limit', '20');
    query.set('pos', pos || '');
    query.set('q', keyword);

    return fetch(`${baseUrl}?${query.toString()}`, {
      headers: {
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      .then((resp) => <Promise<FetchGifResponse>>resp.json())
      .catch(() => ({ next: pos || '', results: [] }));

  return {
    search: (word = '') =>
      fetchGif({ keyword: word }).then((resp) => { =;

        return => ({
          title: item.title,
    more: (word) =>
      fetchGif({ keyword: word, pos: }).then((resp) => { =;

        return => ({
          title: item.title,
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