Migration to @waline/client v1

About 2 min...

V1 has several changes, the BREAKING CHANGEs are detailed in Initialization and Widget Change.

New Features

  • Emoji preset support: You can now directly fill in the Emoji preset link to complete the Emoji configuration
  • Multiple Emoji tabs: Emoji can now contain multiple tabs to add different types of Emoji
  • Picture upload optimization: We added a picture upload button to remind visitors that they can upload pictures
  • Drag and drop support: You can now directly drag and drop text or images into the comment box to complete text input or image addition.
  • Responsive and SPA: Now Waline will return a responsive instance and supports SPA applications, see Responsive

Size reduction

The v1 version is a complete rewrite with Vue and TypeScript, so the size is reduced from 78.4kb to 54.0kb (gzip).

Options Change

The following options are marked as obsolete, and are removed in v2.

  • placeholder → please use locale.placeholder option


    This change is to allow the default placeholder to adapt to multiple languages

  • emojiCDN, emojiMaps → Please use the new emoji option


    We have brought support for multiple Emoji tabs and Emoji presets. Emoji config should be easier for most users.

  • anonymous → please use the new login option


    Since Waline brings login support, we will change:

    • anonymous: undefined: anonymous comment and login are both possible
    • anonymous: true: disable login
    • anonymous: false: Cannot comment anonymously, that is, you can comment only after logging in


    • login: 'enable': enable login
    • login: 'disable': disable login
    • login: 'force': Force login

    This option should be more intuitive.

Options Rename

The original option has problems like unclear meaning and inconsistent naming. The following are the renamed options, and their behavior remains the same as before. These are also marked as obsolete, and will be removed in v2.

  • langmode → renamed to locale


    This change improves the English meaning of options.

  • requiredFields → renamed to requiredMeta


    This change is to align with the meta option.

Behavior change


Now Waline will be fully responsive. Calling Waline will return a WalineInstance. You can update the options of Waline by calling the update() method on WalineInstance, or use destroy() method on WalineInstance to destroy the instance.

This change will enable Waline to support SPA applications, please see SPA Support for details.


Since the Waline function now returns a Waline instance, we strengthened the detection when Waline was initialized. If Waline cannot mount correctly. We will return a WalineErrorInstance instance. There is only one errMsg property on the instance to indicate the cause of the initialization error.


If you just want Waline to update the number of comments and pageviews in the page, and do not need Waline mount on the current page, please DONOT set el option explicitly.

Widget Change


The RecentComments will now return Promise<{ comment: CommentData[], destroy: () => void }> instead of Promise<CommentData[]>.

TIPS: The comment area is only for demo. If you have any questions, please go to Github Discussion to ask.
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