Client Intro

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Waline official provides the @waline/clientopen in new window, written in Vue + TypeScript, and the size is only 48kb gzip.


You can use CDN or npm to import Waline. We provide mutiple versions.

For details about Waline import, please refer to Importing Client.


You can use Waline.init(options) to initialize a Waline instance, where el and serverURL options are required. The el option should be the element or element selector that Waline mounts, and serverURL options should be the server URL.

For available options, please refer to Reference → Client Options.

Pageview Counting

Waline supports pageview counting. If you don't need comment service but only need pageview feature, Waline provides a < 1KB Gzip package, please refer to Pageview Counting.

Rich Comment Syntax Support

Waline has a good support for syntax.Besides using standard Markdown and GFM in the comment box, you can also embed HTML tags or use mathematical formulas.

You can learn about the complete syntax supported by Waline in the Supported Syntax section.


Waline has many features, including login, avatar, multi-language, custom Emoji, image upload and real-time preview. You can try these features in the demo below.

Waline officially added support for mutiple languages, and you can also customize locales. See I18n support for details.

Waline uses Gravatar, and also supports you to customize the default avatar, see Server → Avatar config for details.

You can easily use the presets provided by Waline or create new presets to customize the Emoji popup in the comment box, see Custom Emoji for details.

Waline has built-in image upload support, coverting image to Base64 , you can customize the image upload through imageUploader option.

Style Customization

To let users adjust the style of Waline, Waline provides some configurable CSS variables. Waline also brings a built-in Darkmode Support, see Custom Style for details.

Comment Counting

Waline supports comment and pageview statistics. For more information, please refer to Comment count and Pageview count.

Vue Component

Since Waline's official client is based on Vue3, Waline also provides a 13KB Gzip Vue component, and all component properties are reactive.

If you are building a Vue project, you can directly import and use Waline components in the project, see [Vue Components](./如果你在使用基于 Vue 的项目,你可以直接在项目中导入并使用 Waline 组件,详见 Vue 组件。 .md) for details.

SPA support

Waline brings support for SPA (Single Page Application). If you are using an app with history.pushState, you can use the update() method of the Waline.init() instance to refresh config for the comment area, or you can use the destory() method on the instance to destroy Waline instance. See SPA Support for details.

Accessibility support

Waline fully complies with all accessibility standards:

  • All icons and controls have their corresponding accessibility labels.
  • You can use the keyboard or head-mounted pointing device to complete the interaction with all Waline controls.

This is our little support for the visually impaired and mobility impaired people around the world! ❤️


You can easily use Waline with plugins on Hexo, VuePress and other tools, and even use third-party clients.

For details about third-party clients, themes and plugins that support Waline, please see Learn more → Ecosystem.

TIPS: The comment area is only for demo. If you have any questions, please go to Github Discussion to ask.
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