Importing Client

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Waline provides several versions of client files. You can introduce Waline in a number of ways.


Recommend to use unpkgopen in new window.

Specifies version

For CDN links, if you don't specify a version number, it will be latest version, so if you need to specify a specific version, you need to specify a version number in the format @version after @waline/client.

<!-- You need to modify and replace `next` with the version number you want -->
<script src=""></script>



Waline client has been released to npmopen in new window via @waline/client, you can install it with the following command:


Waline provides several versions of the file:

  • dist/waline.js: full version, UMD format

    This file is the default file for CDN import @waline/client, 51 KB Gzip size

  • dist/shim.js: full version without dependencies, in Common JS format

    This file is the default file when require @waline/client, 14.24 KB Gzip size

  • dist/shim.esm.js: full version without dependencies, ES Module format

    This file is the default file when import @waline/client, 14.14 KB Gzip size

  • dist/waline.css: Waline CSS styles

  • dist/component.js: Waline's Vue component, ES Module format, without dependency bundling

    This file is for using Waline comments in component mode in a Vue project, 13.19 KB Gzip size

  • dist/pageview.js: Waline's pageview module, UMD format, < 1KB Gzip size

    This file is used for CDN, when only page views are needed

Other format files:

  • dist/waline.cjs.js: Common JS format for dist/waline.js file

  • dist/waline.esm.js: ES Module format of dist/waline.js file

  • dist/pageview.cjs.js: Common JS format for dist/pageview.js file

  • dist/pageview.esm.js: ES Module format of dist/pageview.js file


You can import the required files in various forms and use them, the following is an example.

TIPS: The comment area is only for demo. If you have any questions, please go to Github Discussion to ask.
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